AMG Technologies has developed its expertise in making high added value parts over the years, to ensure, with its high-tech industry customers, comprehensive services of the highest quality.

> Proven expertise

Founded in 1979, the group initially focused, for nearly twenty years, on precision machining. And, to perfectly meet requests, its director, Dominique Neveu, decided in 1997 to purchase a design office. This acquisition marked an important milestone in AMG Technologies‘ development, now better able to optimise processes by streamlining costs. It was with this in mind that, the same year, AMG Technologies launched the production of special machinery, custom production modernisation equipment intended to increase its customers’ productivity. Finally, in 1999, on the strength of its industrial experience, the group filed an invention patent for its modular gripper, these lightweight and intelligent arms providing valuable time savings to increase the rate.AMG Technologies thus became the leading provider of grippers in France; the subsequent entry of new competitors from the United States, Germany and Italy did not prevent AMG Technologies from remaining a European leader in this area where it still represents 60% of the market share.

Now, AMG Technologies‘ always proactive teams provide their customers with very diverse, highly appreciated advantages: a great ability to listen and anticipate needs, rigorous control of highly technical processes, organisation and advice systematically oriented toward optimising customer productivity and extreme precision in the execution of tasks.

> Certified expertise

This expertise of over 30 years has been widely recognised through the ISO 9001 certification obtained in 2000, renewed in 2008, and the EN 91 000 certification obtained in 2009, not to mention theCAFO Snecma approval.

AMG Technologies420 suppliers and subcontractors, divided between France and the Czech Republic, are also regularly assessed and rated by the group’s Purchasing and Quality Assurance Departments, thanks to its CAPM, on time, quality and price criteria.

AMG Technologies’ standard distributor profile is predefined based on specifically identified criteria in terms of geographical coverage and commercial potential.