Distributed in all major regions of the world, AMG Technologies‘ products are strictly upstream and throughout the chain.

> Management of our new, experienced teams

AMG Technologies is a complete and organised industrial structure; its strong governance allows the group to satisfy the demands of our customers by being responsive and flexible.

AMG Technologies‘ teams are very operational in implementing their customers’ industrialisation projects down to the last technical and economic detail. The keystone of this fully efficient organisation: tight management of renewed and rejuvenated teams.

> Production management software (CAPM) for intelligent production

AMG Technologies has created tailor-made production management software (CAPM). It is a production and management optimisation tool ensuring quality, safety and efficacy. Composed of a cost estimator, it manages production upstream through to invoicing. Once the business is accepted, the project will immediately be passed on to the Methods Department. Each part produced is then assigned its own name and case number. An OF is drafted; this part tracking document contains a bar code with the possibility of geo-locating the part during the production process at our two sites and at our suppliers and subcontractors. The system’s history makes it possible to control the different stages in the life of a part being manufactured, to reproduce the same range for a new launch, to know the project summary, part by part, while readjusting or improving our planning sheets. AMG Technologies‘ customers can be informed in real-time of the progress of the process, with our teams being perfectly able to locate on the schedule between our two production sites and deal with requests for reducing the turnaround time desired by customers.

Risk management and control on services are processed before ordering and manufacturing of mechanical parts off-plan.

> Constant assessment and scoring of the network of over 400 suppliers and subcontractors

AMG Technologies‘ CAPM also regularly ranks over 400 suppliers and subcontractors on pre-established turnaround, parts quality and price criteria; the Purchasing and Quality Assurance Departments oversee the daily assessment and rating of suppliers and subcontractors. The CAPM also manages non-compliance by producing the rate of non-compliance by supplier over a specified period, which allows the Purchasing and Quality Assurance Departments to intervene as quickly as possible to remedy, without delay, these rare situations.

> A strong network of distributors worldwide

The distributors of AMG Technologies‘ products, carefully selected based on specific criteria in terms of market potential, are present in several regions of the world. In this way our distributors provide complete territorial coverage of Europe, from the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Poland, Portugal and Italy. Beyond that, AMG Technologies is able to supply India, Brazil and Argentina.