A gripper is a mechanical device used to grasp and handle parts, like a hand. AMG Technologies has developed its own range of grippers. These are modular gripping systems that AMG Technologies developed and then patented. It is a lightweight and simple product to implement, positioned as an economic handling solution. Over the years, AMG Technologies has become one of the leaders in this market, based on the expertise acquired by AMG Technologies, thanks to its technical solutions tailored to customer needs and its experience. AMG Technologies‘ grippers have several advantages allowing increased productivity for the customer.

> High-performance grippers

A pioneer of modular gripping systems, AMG Technologies is one of the market leaders in the industry of automotive stamping as well as in several other applications: welding and iron work, the manufacture of automobile wheels, paper, glass or plastic handling, carpet and carton handling, or even in the manufacture of household electrical appliances. Our gripping systems thus contribute to the increase in the rate on our customers’ production lines.

The modular gripper, assembled in a specific manner for each part, is attached to an interface, which is in turn attached to the robot whose movement is programmed according to the production needs of the customer and its parts. The part is picked up using suction cups attached at the end of the gripper, which transfers it from one operation to another. Thanks to our gripper, significant time savings between the loading and unloading of the part are made, thereby making it possible to increase the rate.

AMG Technologies has, in fact, the ability to manufacture several types of modular gripping systems.

> A wide range of grippers

AMG Technologies produces unstacking grippers, side loading grippers, grippers for robots, and also grippers for loading/extracting systems, grippers for transfer presses or even for end-of-line automatic storage.

AMG Technologies also supplies coupling means for its modular gripping systems: interfaces and beams adapted to the customer’s application and according to its needs for medium or large parts, for tandem lines or transfer lines, for loading/extracting systems or even for shuttles and vacuum stations.

AMG Technologies can also provide all pneumatic and electrical accessories required for the operation of the gripper.

Finally, AMG Technologies ensures studies and on-site integration of its modular gripping systems in France and abroad.

Our group is, therefore, able to offer its customers complete, adapted modular gripping systems to increase the rate of its production lines and achieve the productivity sought.


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