AMG Technologies‘ machinery allows great flexibility in producing both series and single parts. Upgraded every six months, it is regularly enriched with new machines to better meet customer needs. It allows AMG Technologies to be very independent and strictly respect delivery times.

Traditional milling
1 HURON MU6 1500×700 Stroke
1 DUFOUR 250 910×450 Stroke
1 DUFOUR 231 900×350 Stroke
1 DUFOUR 230 900×300 Stroke
3 DUFOUR 225 750×250 Stroke
1 DECKEL FP3A 800×300 Stroke (double sine table)

Digital milling
1 OKK HM50S UGV centre (14,000rpm), 2,500×500 pallets, 600x600x670 strokes, warehouse with 60 tools
1 PILOT TECHNOLOGIES CU854 3-axis machining centre, 810x500x550 strokes, warehouse with 24 tools
1 PILOT TECHNOLOGIES CU1 machining centre, 540x420x460 strokes, warehouse with 16 tools
1 OKK VP600 UG V vertical centre – 20,000rpm spindle, 1120x610x460 strokes, warehouse with 30 tools
1 DMG 3-axis machining centre, 365x510x460 strokes
1 DMG DMU 70 eVo linear 5-axis machining centre, 750x600x520 strokes
1 DMG DMU 80 eVo linear 5-axis machining centre, 800x650x550 strokes
1 DMF 5-axis machining centre, 2600x700x700 strokes

The digital milling section is controlled by an independent MASTERCAM programming system installed on two CAM stations capable of processing data in IGES, DXF or DWG CATIA V5 format, solid and surface treatment.

Traditional turning
1 CAZENEUVE HB 725 diameter 700 gauge: 2000
1 CAZENEUVE HB 500 diameter 500 gauge: 1000
1 CAZENEUVE HBX diameter 360 gauge: 700
1 SOMAB UNIMAB 400 diameter 400 gauge: 1000

Digital turning
1 NAKAMURA WT300 turning centre; bi-spindle bi-turret machine, designed for increased productivity allowing high-precision machining. It has all the possibilities of a tower with its X, Y and C axes, as well as those of a machining centre with Y and B axes on the upper turret, which can be tilted.
1 NAKAMURA-250M/BFT, bi-spindle with milling turrets (C axis) and bar feed, diameter capacity 300, turning length 600
1 NAKAMURA TMC 30, diameter 350, turning length 600, 10 tool turret
1 NAKAMURA TMC 20, diameter 235, turning length 582, 10 tool turret
1 NAKAMURA TMC 18 with bar feed, diameter capacity 280

The turning section is controlled by an independent MASTERCAM programming system installed on a CAM station capable of processing data in IGES, DXF or DWG CATIA V5 format, solid and surface treatment. Vericut simulation software is installed on a CAM station.

1 FM surface grinder, 750×300 stroke
1 JUNG surface grinder, 550×180 stroke with optidress
1 LIP surface grinder, 300×160 stroke
1 JAKOBSON 1432 surface grinder, 800×350 stroke
1 Hauser 5SM jig grinder, 500×700 stroke
1 Construction de Clichy external grinder, diameter 250, length 900
1 TSCHUDIN external grinder, diameter 150, length 400
1 BWF internal grinder, diameter 250, length 250
1 karstens internal / external grinder, diameter 500, length 900
1 SUNNEN 1650 grinder
1 external grinder Studer, diameter 250, length 1000

Jig boring
2 SOCIETES GENEVOISES Hydroptic 6 A, 900×700 stroke

Electrical discharge machining
2 ROBOFIL 4000 EDM by Charmilles Technologies, 450x320x160 stroke
1 ROBOFIL 290 EDM by Charmilles Technologies, 400x250x200 stroke
2 D10 ISOCUT die-sinking EDM by Charmilles Technologies, 250×150 stroke

Other equipment
6 drills
4 tapping machines
4 saws
1 hot burnishing bath
1 shot peener
1 CN GRAVOGRAPH engraving machine
1 VL202 universal grinding machine
1 deburring barrel
1 15-tonne hydraulic screw press
1 high frequency deburring machine

2 TIG – SAF 200 Amperes welding stations
Welding: Stainless Steel – Aluminium – Steel
1 MIG filcord 303c welding station

Bending and shaping
1 135-tonne JOUANEL press brake, bending sheet over 3 metres max gauge 3mn
1 heater bench for bending plastic, 1.2 metres long, max gauge 8 mn
1 BONBLED roller, length 1150 gauge 3mn

1 LVD hydraulic sheers, length 3 meters, max gauge 6mn
1 panel saw for cutting plastic, max gauge 15mn
Quality control
Three-dimensional machine by ZEISS, 1200x1000x600 capacity: this motorised CNC machine that makes it possible to work in masking times has a scanning platform for measurement and shape control.

TIG – MIG EN 287 certified personnel