Machining of mechanical parts

AMG Technologies is organised to ensure precision machining managed by the risks . The quality of the machining of mechanical parts does not deprive its customers the warranty  in terms of competitiveness.

> Our expertise: precision machining

Mechanical parts

AMG Technologies machines mechanical parts: the group makes, upon request from the customer and according to the technical drawings, parts with high added value that can be used to set up a machine or as spare parts for other machines. The machining of mechanical parts by AMG Technologies is done in series as well as in small series and single parts. Our mechanical parts machining is precision machining, combining, throughout the line, the work of our machinists with that of our machines, supported by our services and logistics.

To carry out the precision machining of mechanical parts with high added value, AMG Technologies has several advantages. Our experienced machinists, who have regular training to remain at the cutting edge of new technologies, provide very high level expertise applied to very high quality machinery. This machinery, the keystone of our precision machining, includes specific machines, including a milling centre that can work automatically or semi-automatically. But men and machines cannot do this precision machining without the help of our Methods Department, which carefully indicates, upstream, the most suitable machining technology, in particular for milling-soaking, and remains constantly in tune with the machinists.

And to guarantee perfect precision machining, several people are dedicated to the sheet metal activity, for bending, shaping and cutting, and to the boiler making activity, including welding and mechanized welding to weld and machine at the same time.

Our own logistics system also participates in this precision machining. Thanks indeed to its CAPM, AMG Technologies can effectively locate and monitor, in real time, all parts being machined in its workshops or parts subcontracted to outside companies. The system’s history function also makes it possible to control all the different stages in the life of a part being manufactured, to reproduce the same range for a new launch, to know the project summary, part by part, and, finally, to readjust our planning sheets.

The machining of mechanical parts is all the more free of defects since a risk management system is applied.

> Our guarantee: a risk management process dedicated to machining mechanical parts

AMG Technologies manages and controls the potential risks on our machining of mechanical parts through processes implemented before ordering and production of mechanical parts off-plan.

The mechanical parts machining risk analysis is performed from the pre-order stage with a checklist of business risks. A risk review is then triggered in production, during the launch review, with all representatives: cost estimator and managers from the Production, Quality Assurance, Purchasing and Methods departments, thus making it possible to decide on an action plan to be followed until the file is closed.

Concerned with providing risk-free precision machining to its customers, AMG Technologies is also structured to provide high quality machining.