AMG Technologies  achieves between 35 and 39% of its turnover from exports, with a target of 50% of exports in grippers and special machines for 2015

For now, AMG Technologies exports these products in several parts of the world.

In Mexico, where its export share is €4,300 K, AMG Technologies  provides the automotive and pharmaceutical industries with grippers and special machines, through direct sales or distributors, for customers such as Valéo or Becton Dickinson.

AMG Technologies  also delivers grippers and special machines through the same channels to the automotive industry in Turkey where it earns €770 K of export share from customers such as Valéo, Bilko and Magnetto.

In Spain, AMG Technologies provides PSA with grippers, which represents €754 K of the group’s export share.

In Argentina and Brazil, special machines and grippers produced by AMG Industries and intended for the automotive industry are highly appreciated by clients such as Arcinco, Valéo, Sipromet, Renault, Magnetto, Aethra, Karman and Gestamp.

The German automotive industry buys grippers directly, Polynorm, Shuler Cartec, Thyssen, BMW and VW being loyal customers with whom AMG Technologies earns €34K of its export share.

In the CEE, AMG Technologies  provides Renault and PSA with grippers, in particular through its office in the Czech Republic, which represents €32K of its export share.

India has also become a significant destination for grippers manufactured by AMG Technologies , especially in the automotive industry: and the group earns €30K of the export share there by supplying Magetto, Asal, ABB, Mahindra and JBM.

In Morocco, Renault uses both AMG Technologies ‘ grippers and special machinery, which corresponds to €22K of the group’s export share.

AMG Technologies ‘ Export Department actively participated in the Mexican trade show specialising in automotive distribution in Quevetaro in November 2013; the team presented, with great success, its products and services to the automotive industry.