Method, Purchasing and Quality Assurance

AMG Technologies would not be able to offer high quality services to its customers from its three business segments: machining, grippers and special machines, without the coordinated intervention of its Purchasing, Quality Assurance and Methods departments, which are active daily to effectively use mechanical subcontracting and ensure the control of parts. Constant synergy between these departments is essential to quickly resolve any possible cases of non-compliance, which are remedied without delay.

> Methods Department: the essential partner for controlling parts

AMG Technologies ‘ Methods Department is an in-house service closely linked to production and machining. Analysing projects upstream, delivering technical advice and reviewing plans for high-tech parts in order to control parts, it provides full monitoring of technological production processes, with the drafting of industrial validation files at the end.

The team regularly communicates with our customers to determine technological choices that are best suited to the production tools, whether it is in terms of materials, processing or tolerance. Parts control is all the more ensured since, in case of measurement problems and for orders assuming necessary studies were conducted but not provided by the customer, our Methods Departmentnaturally works with our Research Department.

> Purchasing Department: guarantees quality mechanical subcontracting

AMG Technologies ‘ Purchasing Department provides the group with daily sourcing, i.e. the management and follow-up of orders placed with our mechanical subcontracting network.

Mechanical subcontracting in France concerns the completion of all transactions outside the scope of services actually provided by AMG Technologies, including: subcontracting the heat treatment of parts, subcontracting soaking, subcontracting phosphating, subcontracting painting, subcontracting mechanized welding, subcontracting boring or even subcontracting the provision of materials for production.

Our Purchasing Department periodically updates, in synergy with the Quality Assurance Department, the evaluation and scoring system of operators chosen for mechanical subcontracting.

> Quality Assurance Department: the parts control agent

AMG Technologies is ISO 9001 and EN 91000 certified.

International Standard 9001 defines a number of constraints with regard to business organisation to best meet customer requirements and ensure the implementation of a continuous improvement process at all levels of the company. This certification by an independent body assures customers that AMG Technologies has implemented all necessary means to meet all their expectations in terms of parts control. This certification was renewed in 2008.

European standard EN 91000, which incorporates ISO 9001, specifically applies to companies designing, developing and/or manufacturing products for the aviation, space and defence industries by meeting additional requirements. This certification is also an essential guarantee of parts control.

To ensure parts control, AMG Technologies  delivers each part produced to its customers with an exact measurement quality control report compared to the technical plan; this certification allows the customer to gain essential time in terms of parts control.

Our Quality Assurance Department has in fact implemented an entire process ensuring parts control upon reception, parts control during their manufacture and parts control upon their final completion status. The control protocol is sent with the part at the customer’s premises, thus the ability to control any possible non-compliance of measurement and make the required claims with subcontractors or in-house operators. Our Quality Assurance Department closely monitors non-compliance by precisely analysing the causes of this non-compliance while seeking remedies as quickly as possible.

To fully carry out its parts control mission, our Quality Assurance Department is equipped with metrological equipment (a set of control machines and tools), which, with the calibration of equipment, is monitored via Gessica software by CETIM.